Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mind Blowing Future

Nils from Enderra.com provided several links, one of which was to BBC Future. I have just read several of the articles, watched the videos, and liked them on Facebook.

I had a headache brewing before I read them, and now it is a cemented reality based on the mind blowing possibilities for an ever increasing technological future.
BBC Future: Will Men and Machines Merge?

This one alone is incredibly plain in its statement of how far we've come and how quickly we'll get to where we're going. Watch the video. Be amazed at how simply and calmly Ray Kurzweil explains how computers are leaps and bounds cheaper and more powerful now than they were a couple decades ago. Think of the tablets and iphones that even ten years ago seemed like Gene Roddenberry fiction. And look how mundane and commonplace they are today.

Ray Kurzweil implies that the future will be a peaceful place of free information at the speed of thought. I think the idea of self aware AI and a singularity with humanity is terrifying. But maybe I've just seen I, Robot and Terminator 2 a few too many times.

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  1. I think we are still quite a while off on AI. Like nuclear fusion power it seems to always be a "20 years from now" deal.

    I don't think people will ever really merge with machines, not for the foreseeable future for sure. Exception being prosthetics of course. We will get genetic engineering much sooner. And we will be able to read people's minds with machines (there has been a LOT of progress on that in the past five years). That's much more scary than any man-machine cyborgization, in my opinion.

    But just rambling...