Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nuclear Crisis story idea

There is easily a story here. A good officer over a lackadaisical crew who could end the world with their ineptitude. 

In the story I think it would be hard to paint the lead officer as good at his job if all this ho-hum garbage is happening under his command. The easy fix to that is say that he has recently transferred and this is his first assessment of the station. Maybe he has actually seen first hand what these nukes can do. He was in another sector on a ship in a holding pattern that was charged with a massive nuclear strike on a planet. They were always on alert, yet inactive, just waiting for the call they knew would eventually come. 

After the strike, he's planetside, or in atmo, cruising surveillance of the damage. He speaks out against the decision to hit what turned out to be a mostly civilian population. He realizes that the scorched-earth policy claimed millions of lives to take out 1 military facility that wasn't even weaponized - it was just a plant/factory where parts of powerful weapons were manufactured. The civilians didn't even know what they were making because they only saw the piece that was immediately in front of them. It was just a job for them. 

I would call the officer J.T. Ford. His CO that ordered the strike and later sends Ford off to this crap-tastic new position is G. (George) Harold "Harry" Sherman.

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