Saturday, December 15, 2012

To Infinity And Beyond

Nils from sent me this link.

Futuristic Mega Projects

I cannot believe people (yes, we upright bald apes) thought this stuff up, but perhaps more incredible is the fact that it's not that far fetched. All of it seems entirely plausible given the necessary research, funding, and supply of . Mustn't forget the qualified engineers, astrophysicists, and of course the brave guinea pigs to go test it out first. You can currently catch the mega pyramid episode of Extreme Engineering on Netflix. 

It got me thinking about what it would take to colonize a new, habitable planet with humans. That led me to look this up.
Another buddy of mine (Marcus) and I are always jabbering about BSG, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc and how crazy it will be the day mankind undertakes long term space colonization. We're talking pre-FTL "rudimentary" generation ships with "simple" ion engines. He thinks it's ludicrously exciting and wants to be one of the first on board. I think he's out of his mind! Let someone else wear the red shirt, that's what I say. I get nervous just hearing about current talk concerning Mars and Moon colonies within the next 20 years. Maybe it's because I hate to travel, hate flying, hate the idea of foreign germs and gigantic man-eating bugs, but color me Earthbound. I ain't going nowhere! Picture B.A. Baracus from A-Team getting knocked out and put on a plane. Now picture him a gangly, bearded worldbuilder.....I pity the fool, indeed!

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  1. I actually tried to do the math for Somnium - but of course I disregarded genetic diversity and just went with population growth models.

    I'd absolutely sign up for a one-way trip to Mars, if my life expectancy there was not arbitrarily limited (radiation and accidents will probably take care of that anyway). If that is what it takes to get mankind off this rock, I am willing to do my part.

    I'd also join a generation ship for the same reasons, but I'd be really bummed that I'd never see the destination.